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VIS and National Chiao Tung University Collaborate to Develop Intelligent Manufacturing
Hsinchu, Taiwan, July 22, 2020 ¡V Vanguard International semiconductor Corporation announced today its collaboration with National Chiao Tung University on the development of intelligent manufacturing. VIS has commissioned Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy, and UW-NCTU AI Labs, NCTU to conduct the ¡§AI Wafer Surface Defect Inspection Research Project.¡¨ The research project is jointly led by Professor Hwang Jenq-neng from University of Washington, and Professor Peng Wen-hsiao and Associate Professor Ma Ching-wen from NCTU. VIS will work with the universities to develop a universal, high-accuracy, and self-leaning AI development platform, in aim to shorten the cycle time and increase the trust index of AI model development in the semiconductor industry, and apply it to wafer manufacturing of all product lines. The novel AI development platform could be effectively applied to different product lines to support VIS's intelligent manufacturing and management, hence to improve manufacturing excellence in creating more values to customers.

¡§VIS has utilized latest I4.0 AI technology to develop intelligent manufacturing and intelligent management to advance VIS's manufacturing excellence¡¨, said Dr. Jonathan Chang, VIS Associate Vice President of Information Technology and Intelligence Management. ¡§By sponsoring this research led by three outstanding professors and their students from University of Washington and NCTU, VIS not only hopes that, in return, the research outcomes can help VIS achieve semiconductor manufacturing excellence, but also aims to accelerate application and development of domestic AI research by integrating the practical and academic knowledge of semiconductor. We look forward to developing AI industry following semiconductor industry as the next world-leading technology industry in Taiwan.¡¨

¡§With today's ubiquitous high-speed and low-latency 4G/5G networking infrastructure, and reliable and connected sensors, real-time data from cyber-physical manufacturing plants can be captured and automatically analyzed by advanced artificial intelligence technologies.¡¨ said Dr. Hwang Jenq-neng, Professor from University of Washington. ¡§These AI technologies are fueled by powerful machine/deep learning and data analytics computing platforms. This fourth manufacturing revolution offers an autonomous and proactive mechanism for real-time monitoring of manufacturing operation status, evaluating product defects, assessing the vulnerability of components, predicting the time to failure, as well as proposing systematic diagnosis and self-healing solutions, resulting in performance optimization and increased yield rates for intelligent manufacturing. It is my great honor to lead several talented researchers at the UW-NCTU AI Lab to carry out this relevant R&D project with VIS. We look forward to an exciting collaboration. ¡§

This project utilizes AI algorithm from the novel AI platform to recognize defect types using the defect images, and categorize the defect images. VIS provides valuable image data from the manufacturing process, and labels these images to train the image recognition AI algorithm, improving the efficiency of defect inspection. Also, when this inspection model is applied to different product lines, it can effectively reduce the load of manual labelling by 50% to 70%, and quickly duplicate this AI model to other product lines, enhancing VIS's wafer manufacturing excellence.

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