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Internal Audit

Purpose and Organization of Internal Audit
The company's Internal Audit aims to assist its Board of Directors and management team in inspecting and reviewing defects in the internal control systems, to perform audits to obtain the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. Meanwhile, Internal Audit provides timely suggestions for improvement to ensure the sustainability and effective implementation of internal control tasks.
The company's Internal Audit is an independent unit that reports directly to the Board of Directors. There are 3 full time employees dedicated to Internal Audit, including one director and two staff members. The appointment or dismissal of the company's chief internal auditor must be approved by the audit committee and the decision submitted to the board of directors for resolution.

Operation of Internal Audit
In addition, the internal audit units review the self-assessment reports of all units and subsidiaries, together with the absence of internal controls discovered by the auditing unit and the improvement of the abnormalities. Based on the self-assessment report, along with the improvement status of the findings in the past audits, the Board of Directors and President will judge the design and operating effectiveness of the Company's internal control system and then sign the Internal Control System Statement for VIS.