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Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation Corporate Governance Practice Principles:
The composition of the board of directors should be diversified, such as different professional backgrounds, fields of work or gender, and possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and literacy to perform his duties. To achieve the ideal corporate governance, the board of directors shall possess the following abilities:
1.Ability to make operational judgments.
2.Ability to perform accounting and financial analysis.
3.Ability to conduct management administration.
4.Ability to conduct crisis management.
5.Knowledge of the industry.
6.An international market perspective.
7.Ability to lead.
8.Ability to make policy decisions.

Among the current board of directors:
1.Directors' Education & Selected Past Positions include: MS, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Washington; Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, National Chengkung University, Taiwan; MBA, University of Georgia ; Master of Business Administration, North Texas University, USA.
2.Independent Directors' Education & Selected Past Positions include: Ph.D. Electric Engineering, Princeton University, USA; President, Industrial Technology Research Institute; Dean, College of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University; Master, International Business Administration, University of Northrop, USA; Chairman, Taiwan Corporate Governance Association; Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University, USA; Professor, National Tsing Hua University etc.

Item operational judgments /
management administration
accounting and financial knowledge of the industry crisis management international market perspective Lead and make policy decisions
Leuh Fang V   V V V V
F.C. Tseng V   V V V V
Benson W.C. Liu V V   V V V
Kenneth Kin V   V V V V
Chintay Shih V   V V V V
Lai Shou Su V V   V V V
Edward Y. Way V V   V V V

Management objectives and current situation: The board of directors of VIS has reached a diversified requirement. However, in order to meet development needs in the future, VIS will continue to review the diversified components and continue to strengthen the goal of diversifying board members.
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