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VIS Offers foundry services that are primarily based on licensed processed technologies as well as a variety of other licensed process technologies.

Wafer Foundry Services
Vanguard offers a full line-up of technologies including generic logic, high voltage, mixed signal, analog, RF CMOS, embedded OTP, mask ROM, ultra low power CMOS, low Rds-on LDMOS, Biplor-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) and CMOS image sensor. Vanguard's production-proven processes provide customers with industry-leading performance, yield and reliability. Based on the comprehensive suite of transferred technologies with flexibility and discipline to provide a wide array of value-added, Specialty processes, Vanguard provides modular and versatile process which mixes many different types of building blocks on one chip to enhance the cost/performance and extend the range of application. Vanguard's customers have qualified four generations of processing technologies ranging from 0.11um to 1.0um with excellent quality. Vanguard has a capacity of more than 140,000 eight-inch wafer starts per month today and Vanguard's generic and highly specialized processes comply with the requirements for the automotive, industrial, communication and PC industries.

For more details on Vanguard's current technology portfolio, please do contact Vanguard or your VIS account manager.

MPW Services
This groundbreaking program, Multiple project wafer (known as MPW), significantly reduces the cost of one mask set and wafer processing by covering the various technologies from 1.0-micron to 0.15-micron and provides the frequent launch schedule through VIS-Online system.

MPW services break the barrier by letting multiple designs share tooling costs through a multi-project mask set. Mask NRE costs are significantly reduced for both product prototyping and circuit characterization. MPW services also validate the sub-circuit functionality and process compatibility of IP, standard cell libraries and I/Os.

Mask Services
For your convenience and to expedite the cycle time from tape-out to wafer-start, VIS provides the tape out service and subcontract mask tooling facility. The mask making service of VIS assures fast and timely mask delivery and eliminates mask damage or contamination during transportation.

VIS mask services include:

Frame Generation
Mask Making (Subcontract)
Mask Repairing (Subcontract)

Please contact your VIS account manager for more detail.

Design Services
VIS offers a wide range of design services. We have the experience and the expertise to make your System-on-Chip (SoC) design a reality. Our design services include:

In-house Library Services .....

Third Party Library and IP Services .....

EDA Technology Kits Services .....

Design Service and IP Alliances .....

Please contact your VIS account manager for current design information.