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Corporate Social Responsibility
Last Update: 07/26/2019

VIS honors the principle of good faith, abides by an exacting code of professional ethics, and takes social and humanitarian concern as the cornerstone of its business philosophy. We uphold laws and regulations, dutifully meet our tax-paying obligations, pursue sustainability, and continue to enhance shareholder's equity and employee benefits. Technologically we promote and increase the proportion of power management ICs and LED lighting products to directly contribute to our share of energy-saving wafer products. We preserve environmental resources, implement environmental protection, and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities. These are the long-term goals that VIS will continue to emphasize and strive to fulfill.

To implement corporate social responsibility on a long-term basis and to act on our concern for the overall development of the society, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) was established to handle the following roles and responsibilities: responsible for proposing and executing specific implementation plans concerning CSR policies, systems, or relevant management strategies. The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSR Committee) convenes a meeting once quarterly and presents a report once every six months to the Board of Directors on the state of implementation of various tasks including corporate governance, charitable causes, employee rights and interests, environmental sustainability, and supply chain management so as to continuously review implementation outcomes and make improvements which ensure that the Company's CSR policies are effectively implemented. We also have established the “VIS Corporate Social Responsibility Policy” as our commitment to abiding by professional ethics in business operations, undertaking our share of responsibility for environmental protection, providing a safe work environment and upholding the interests of employees. Below is the VIS corporate social responsibility policy, which provides important guidelines for our continuing efforts to be a positive force in the society.

VIS Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

VIS commits to embrace, support and enact, within its sphere of influence, to the extent of applicable laws, a set of internationally recognized standards in the areas of business ethics, employee rights, health and safety, and the environment.
Our management further commits to put up a management system for ensuring the compliance of the Company and its next tier suppliers to this set of standards and their continual improvement.

Corporate Governance

VIS follows the corporate governance best practice principles, complies with relevant laws and regulations, establishes an effective corporate governance framework, strengthens the power of the board of directors and fulfills the function of audit committee. VIS develops its normal business and safeguards the shareholders’ interests, in the meantime, pays attention to stakeholders’ interests, enhances the disclosure of information and improves information transparency on corporate governance.

Business Ethics

VIS upholds integrity in employee and executive conducts in all business activities and internal interactions. Business books shall be clean, transparent, compliant to applicable regulations and accurately reflecting the financial performance and health of the Company.
VIS will work against corruption in any and all forms, including extortion, bribery and embezzlement.
VIS respects intellectual property rights of others and establishes tight control in protecting customers’ intellectual property as well as trade secrects.

Employee Rights

VIS supports the internationally proclaimed human rights of employees, and treats them with dignity and respect, without discrimination of any kind. No inhumane treatement, including sexual harassment, corporal punishment, mental coercion or verbal abuse, shall be tolerated.
Employee workweeks are not to exceed the maximum set by local law. All works are voluntary and employees are free to terminate their employment at any time. VIS employs no child labor.
Employee compensation shall comply with all applicable local laws, including minimum wages, overtime pay rates, labor, medical and group insurances, fringe benefits and severance/retirement pays.
Employees are free to join or organize labor unions in accordance with local laws. Elected employee representatives meet with management once every quarter to communicate grievances and solutions.

Health and Safety

VIS recognizes its utmost responsibility is to provide a healthy and safe work environment for its employees and to enhance company’s global competitiveness. VIS is diligent in the risk management, legal compliance and self auditing to achieve continued improvement.

Environment Protection

VIS, as a global citizen, undertakes precautionary approach to minimize adverse effects of its manufacturing operation on the community, environment and global warming, and continuously invests in the development and deployment of environmentally friendly technologies.

VIS CSR Activities & Performance

In order to maintain sustainable business operations, VIS will fulfill the responsibilities of a good corporate citizen

In terms of economic activities, VIS will continue to provide competitive manufacturing process technologies and services, and enhance its business performance to maximize the economic value for its shareholders, employees, and society.


The company generated a revenue of NT$24.91 billion in 2017, an 3.6% decrease from 2016, while maintaining stable profit at net income after tax of NT$4.51 billion at NT$2.73 earnings per share. The return on shareholders' equity was 15.93%.

Environmental Protection

As for environmental protection, VIS maintained the spirit of continuously improving its environmental protection practices and health and safety management. In compliance with the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, VIS maintained the environment, safety, and health performances of its manufacturing plants at levels exceeding the standard requirements. VIS demonstrated greater than 90% efficiency for its handling of air pollution prevention; greater than 85% water recycling processing rate (increase from 70% in 2016 to more than 75% in 2017 for Fab 3); greater than 92% waste recycling rate (more than 87% for Fab 3); zero accidents. The table below summarizes the overall environmental, safety and health performance of the Company in 2017:

Corporate Social Responsibility Issues Goals Performance Indicator or Criteria 2017 Outcome Future direction/Continual Action Plan
Reduce electricity consumption per unit wafer
In 2017, the electricity consumption per unit area of wafer is reduced by 3% compared with 2016.
Kwh/cm2 5.7% less electricity per unit area of wafer was consumed in 2017 compared with 2016. Continue to introduce ISO 50001 Energy Management System
Continue to install energy-efficient and energy recycling systems
Water Conservation Fab1/Fab2: Greater than 85% water recycling processing rate Water recycling processing rate (%) Fab1/Fab2: Greater than 85% water recycling processing rate Continue to promote process optimization for reduction of water consumption
Continue to introduce product carbon and water footprint verification
Fab3: Greater than 75% water recycling processing rate Fab3: Greater than 75% water recycling processing rate
Waste management Increasing recycling rate of industrial waste (%)
In 2017, the recycling rate of industrial waste exceeded 90%
Recycling rate of industrial waste (%) In 2017, the recycling rate of industrial waste exceeded 92%
In 2017, 0% of industrial wastes were buried
Continue to promote waste reduction and waste recycling/reuse
Cooperate with vendors to develop new waste recycling technologies
Prevention and Control of Pollution Achieve zero pollution (e.g., waste gas, wastewater, underground pollution) Inspection pass rate (%) 100% pass rate achieved in 2017 Continue to promote ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
Occupational Health and Safety Provide safe and clean work environments for employees
Reduce disabling injury frequency and severity of disabling injuries
Number of catastrophic occupational hazards
Disabling injury frequency and severity of disabling injuries
There were no incidents of catastrophic occupational hazards (including injuries and occupational diseases)
Employee disabling injury frequency and severity of disabling injuries were lower than the average value of the domestic semiconductor industry for three consecutive years and were lower than the average value of the domestic electronic component industry for five consecutive years
Ensure workplace safety and prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases
Become a world-class benchmark with the lowest disabling injury frequency and severity of disabling injuries
Loss Prevention and Control Reduce property losses caused by accidental incidents (including natural disasters) Number of fire disasters
Amount of property losses caused by fire disaster
There were no accidental incidents arising from fire disasters
There were no property losses caused by fire disaster
Prevent fire-related accidental incidents and become the benchmark company that achieved the best damage prevention performance in the industry
Reduce property losses caused by earthquake
International convention compliance EU RoHS Regulatory compliance Full compliance in 2017 Continue to promote QC080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management

Terms of Social Justice

The Company will do its best to contribute to the community by allocating more resources, sponsoring charity events, promoting cultural education, and participating in arts/cultural activities. In 2017, VIS has integrated volunteer groups formed by its employees and established activity groups based on the requirements of care recipients. In addition, VIS will effectively utilize its resources to efficiently promote various charity events and provide services to those in need. In 2017 VIS gave back to the community by donating NT$4,852,000 to charity and disadvantaged groups. Regarding employee benefits, the total cost of employee benefits in 2017 grew to NT$6.38 billion; this reflected the Company's continued efforts in caring for and rewarding its employees. The CSR Committee will continue to hold regular meetings, during which committee members will discuss and plan relevant activities that are beneficial to society or charitable causes.

•Charity Events
The Company actively takes part in community and public charity events and consistently demonstrates its concern for disadvantaged persons within our communities by making tangible contributions to society. In January 2016, the Company established a program for raising charitable donations, and in response to the World Peace Association's call to raise funds to cover the cost of meals for undernourished schoolchildren during their winter break, VIS helped raise a total of over NT$970,000 in donations, resulting in a significant contribution to the meal assistance program. In addition, VIS also invited disadvantaged schoolchildren through a joint effort with the World Peace Association to participate in the Company's October 1st Family Day activity held at Lihpao Land, and VIS also donated NT$200,000 to help provide healthy meals for these disadvantaged schoolchildren.
To care for those with physical and mental disabilities, the Company invited people with disabilities from St. Joseph Social Welfare Foundation and Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation to attend our Chinese New Year banquet during which our employees have prepared exciting performances to share moments of warmth and happiness with the participants. The Company has also donated NT$200,000 to fund learning and rehabilitation services for people with physical and mental disabilities.In addition to year-end parties, the Company has continued to make its contribution of NT$200,000 to the St. Joseph Social Welfare Foundation's charity programs and Christmas events to bring joy and warmth to our friends who have physical and mental disabilities.
The VIS volunteer group visited the Hung Hua Orphanage, located in Dayuan District of Taoyuan City, to express their care, show concern, and distribute donated funds to the orphanage in person.VIS also sponsored National Tsing Hua University's "Sunrise Program" by providing an annual scholarship of NT$200,000 to two students who each come from a disadvantaged family background, enabling these low-income students to concentrate on their schooling without having to worry about financial concerns. VIS also sponsored "Hung Chin Digital Technology" with a grant of NT$50,000 to publish a book consisting of a collection of short stories intended to help prepare young people for a career in the industry and successfully delivered the book to students who come from financially underprivileged backgrounds.
In an effort to help give back to society, VIS also sponsored the "TSMC Musical Theater Event for Parents and Children" by providing NT$100,000 in a bid to promote art education for children, and also invited disadvantaged minority groups to attend the performance. In addition, VIS also sponsored W.Island's "Traveling on a Mission" program by purchasing five round-trip plane tickets for families to travel to the National Defense Medical Center, at a total cost of NT$250,000, thereby helping to encourage young people to remain committed to pursuing their dreams.
The Company's team of employees has also made great efforts to help citizens living in rural areas. For the Smangus, an indigenous tribe residing in the Xueshan Range located in Hsinchu's Jianshi Township, transportation is difficult and the local economy remains relatively undeveloped, so upon learning that the tribe had plans to establish a locally-governed kindergarten, VIS employees were eager to help out by raising funds. In all, our colleagues helped raise NT$1.22 million which was further matched by a donation of NT$780,000 from the Company for a grand total of NT$2 million to help the Smangus construct their new kindergarten and turn their dream into a reality. In addition, at the end of December, VIS invited the Smangus tribe to attend the Company's 2016 annual year-end party to celebrate together with VIS employees and even provided the visitors with a 1-day tour of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.
Furthermore, to promote social harmony and in consideration of the future prospects of Taiwan, beginning in 2015, the Company provides annual sponsorship of NT$2 million to IC Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to produce the broadcast program "The Future of Taiwan & Taiwan in the Future," through which topics such as current global trends, education in Taiwan, talented individuals, social livelihood, energy resources, and environmental protection are discussed. After broadcasting the program, there was an astounding response, and to increase the impact of the event, and an additional NT$2.15 million was donated in a joint effort with Bookzone to publish "Tomorrow in Taiwan", a limited edition publication. Afterward, 1,000 copies of the newly-printed books were donated to numerous libraries run by the central agency, local county and city governments, national-level high schools, and various colleges, and universities in Taiwan.

•Volunteer Services
Apart from corporate sponsorships, our employees regularly participate in the donation of books and various goods, and deliver donated items to nursing homes, children's homes, and school children living in remote areas. Furthermore, since 2006, employees and their families have formed volunteer groups and served as volunteer guides on a rotating basis at the National Museum of Natural Science on weekends and holidays, to explain to visitors the knowledge and applications of integrated circuits. In 2016, volunteer guide services were provided at the museum 138 times. Our colleagues also performed community volunteer services. By embracing the spirit of honoring seniors as we do our own aged parents, VIS volunteers also visited the Hsinchu Home for Elderly Veterans on weekends and holidays, where they helped seniors enjoy their weekends. Volunteer services were also provided at the St. Teresa Children's Center, where volunteers spent time reading to children. Our volunteering colleagues have been very enthusiastic about participating in community services. In addition, the VIS volunteer group also issued a call to all colleagues to participate in a group walking event for people with disabilities held by Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation to show their concern and provide encouragement.

The Company invited people with disabilities from St. Joseph Social Welfare Foundation and Syin-lu Social Welfare Foundation to attend its Chinese New Year banquet and share moments of warmth and happiness.

VIS invited the Smangus tribe to participate in the Company's 2016 Chinese New Year banquet. A total of NT$2 million was donated by the Company and its employees to the tribe to help the Smangus construct their new kindergarten.

VIS invited the Smangus tribe to attend the Company's 2016 annual year-end party to celebrate together with VIS employees and provided the visitors with a 1-day tour of the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.

VIS Corporate Social Responsibility Organization chart