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Function Description

Management of company-wide operations.Establish VIS business strategy and target.

Chief Financial Officer
Corporate Finance Div., Accounting Div., PR & IR Div., and Pricing Dept.. Responsible for planning and maneuvering of company funds and investment management, planning and execution of accounting system and tax matters, evaluation of budget and costs, establishing the company's external communication channel, and maintaining the company's corporate image, investor relationship.

VP of Worldwide Sales and Planning
Corporate Customer Engineering Service Div., Sales Div.1-2, Sales Planning Dept., Field Technology Support Div., Business Development Div. and Backend Operation Div.. Planning of company products, including sales and marketing for these products. Responsible for product service, market analysis and development, and establishing and execution of sales plan, and coordinating sources to provide customer-oriented turnkey solution operation.

VP of Research & Development
Lead specialty technology and IP development, as well as providing IC design supports and services of IP libraries, eNVM, ESD, LAD, PDK, SPICE, layout, photomask solutions, and CAD tool management. Organization includes Technology Development Div.1-5, Device Engineering Div., Design Service Engineering Div., Design System Technology Div.and Technology Development Management Div.

VP of Operation & Environment Safety
Corporate Wafer Production, Risk & Env. Safety Management Dept., Product Engineering Div., Module Development Program, Special Project Dept. and Technical Board. Improve operation efficiency, and ensure timely delivery of high quality products to customers.

VP of Administration
Lead Human Resources Div., Equipment Procurement & Logistics Management Div., and Material Procurement & Supply-chain Management Div.. This position is responsible for enhancing the talent force and build up good labor relations. And also, to maintain a strong supply-chain position and high efficient materials management.

Associate Vice President of Information Technology and Intelligence Management
Lead IT & E-commerce Div., Computer Int. Mfg. Div., Corporate Planning Div, and Industrial Engineering Div. to define, design, implement, operate Vanguard's Manufacturing Excellence with high-first-time-success rate, high quality, fast cycle time and high productivity's based on I4.0 Smart Manufacturing with "high auto-decision" operation.

General Counsel/ Corporate Governance Officer
Corporate legal affairs, Intellectual property protection and corporate governance.